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01. Complete buildings

04. plots-land

02. Commercial Premises

05. Housing floors

03. Detached or isolated single-family houses

IEE for Valencian Country and neighboring provinces

Energy Certificate

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is mandatory according to RD235 / 2013 in Spain since June 1, 2013. If you sell or rent your property you must have it and it is valid for 10 years

Real Estate Appraisals

The appraisal, technically known as a valuation report, is a document signed by a competent professional to do so and its objective is to justifiably establish the value of an asset, in accordance with previously established criteria and developing an appropriate methodology for the proposed purpose and all according to the ECO / 805/2003 standard for mortgage guarantees, inheritances, market value, taxes, cadastral valuation and other purposes for individuals, banks, appraisal companies, insurance companies

Habitability Certificate 2nd Occupation

The certificate of habitability of a property is the document that certifies its suitability for use as a home, and is currently necessary to carry out many related procedures such as requesting a mortgage, registering with the electricity, water, gas supply companies, registration for insurance companies at the time of hiring them, in the purchase or rental of the property and all this according to HD-91 and RD 151/2009 of the C. Valenciana having a validity of 10 years

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