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Who is Alain Aguilar Quintana?

My name is Alain Aguilar Quintana I was born in Valencia, I studied the EGB, then BUP, COU and finally the much dreaded Selectivity test until I reached the University, I am a Technical Architect + Degree in Building Engineering + the Master of the 3 specialties of Higher Technician Prevention of Occupational Risks by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. My collegiate number is 6495 and I am registered in the College of Surveyors and Technical Architects of Valencia, I am a freelance professional and my goal is to help you in everything that has to do with the world of building, whether it is to appraise your home , carry out the energy certificate, certify the habitability of your home, carry out the evaluation report of your building and advise you and manage all the documentation so that you are granted aid and subsidies and subsequent renovations and many other projects that in the other services section you can consult and that I will be happy to solve all those doubts that may arise.

Also, to offer a quality and transparent service, I have published some of the rates for my services. There are services for which you should consult me.

My jobs are highly complex technical, often very laborious with many hours of dedication and, above all, a lot of civil liability. That is why I have SRC insurance for the client's safety.

Therefore, the services offered to the client respond to a real market value according to the service demanded by the client, giving them all the legal and technical guarantees that they must demand when they hire the technician they trust, who must look after their interests and not that said person become a problem by not doing your job properly.

Personalized attention is offered, monitoring at all times of the status of your case in relation to the service demanded, communication to the same of the entire process in a chronological manner throughout the duration of the project, the works and the period after these until the end of the file correctly with the public administrations, in turn managing the possible financial aid that can be offered to lower the costs of the entire process.

There are colleagues who underestimate their benefits by not giving the client everything necessary to guarantee a correct service.

I want to make it clear that the good, beautiful and cheap as it is intended to be seen by certain groups of the building DOES NOT EXIST and this the person looking for a technician or a company has to know first-hand. Often prices are used Attractive hooks apparently below market value and once the customer has signed the contract, surprises come.

CERTASVAL undertakes first of all to make it clear that it will cost the client the entire process without modifications or unpleasant surprises, avoiding cost overruns, inflation during the process. Written commitment in the service contract.

In the event that the client is advertised in this way, information is being omitted, not giving such detailed and justified information. Therefore, the client is usually the one who is greatly harmed by the malpractice of the `` professional ''. Request your justified fee budget and detailed of what you need.

As a professional with more than 10 years of experience, in each request for a quote that is requested of me, I detail all my fees with all expenses and taxes included that are derived from each professional performance and that are required by law, giving the client from the beginning the actual cost that you will have to shell out for your personalized service.

If you are looking for a professional committed to his work, who is passionate about what he does, loyal, who defends the interests of his client and who values ​​what he does in order to offer a quality service, then WELCOME this is your website.

On the other hand, the performance of my activity is linked to guaranteeing the final service of the client in a satisfactory way, for this reason I have Civil Liability Insurance and all my interventions go through the College of Surveyors / Technical Architects of Valencia with what the client has the assurance that the project, certificate, appraisal, IEE complies with the normative and quality standards when being evaluated by a technical cabinet giving later the collegiate visa.

Kind regards, I'll wait for you soon

Alain Aguilar Quintana



General Council of the technical architecture of Spain

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