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The #energetic certificate for particulate dwellings in Valencia is a document that verifies the conformity of the energy qualification obtained and that leads to the issuance of the building's energy efficiency label. This provides information on the energy consumption of the property to those interested in buying or renting.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate or Energy Certificate , is the document that indicates the amount of energy that is consumed in a home or premises to maintain certain conditions of habitability. The result is expressed by a letter between A and G depending on the level of efficiency obtained, A being the most efficient and G the least efficient.

If you sell or rent your home, from June 1, 2013 you need to have the VALENCIA ENERGY CERTIFICATE.

As the owner of the home that I want to rent or sell, I need a Valencia energy certificate. This energy certificate will help me to give an energy efficiency rating to your home and thus be able to better sell or rent your home, depending on the rating obtained. Also, any advertisement for the sale or rental of a property must be accompanied by the energy efficiency label.

To date, the energy efficiency certificate for the home will last for 10 years, after this time it will be necessary to renew it due to the possible improvement works that may have been carried out.

Contract your energy certificate online , call us at ( 601093372 ) or fill out our form . If you prefer, we will call you .

A technician goes to your home and takes all the necessary data to carry out the certificate. We look for a hole the day that best suits you. The visit usually lasts between 20 minutes and an hour for a medium flat.

One day after data collection, we will send you the energy certificate and the registration receipt by email.

Given the large influx of people who "claim to be able to prepare" these certificates by telephone, without visiting the place or simply by sending some photographs, it is convenient to know that the sanctions provided by the Administration due to the deficiencies found in any Certificate of Energetic Efficiency registered in the Registry, falls on the technician who prepared it and on the owner who commissioned it.

The penalties provided for a poorly prepared Energy Certificate fall on the Technician who wrote it and on the owner who commissioned it. It is important to entrust the work to a qualified professional.

Once the Technical Architect has obtained the Energy Qualification, the Certificate must be registered in the Official Register of the corresponding Autonomous Community for it to be valid, in the case of the Valencian community in the IVACE.

Once it has been registered, we obtain the Energy Efficiency Label, which is the document that must accompany the home or premises at all times during the sale or rental process.

This document must always be visible and available to any user who requests it at any time and has a unique identification code that allows the veracity of the data to be verified electronically and anonymously.

It is mandatory that the Energy Efficiency Label is visible at all times during the home sale or rental process

In the case of the Valencian Community, the Building Energy Certification Registry has been enabled through the web address “”. Any citizen can access and consult free of charge those data referring to the Energy Certification of any property in which they have been interested, obviously excluding personal information.

Do not hesitate, contact US if you are interested and we will help you from the beginning to the end so that your energy certificate is possible / fast and effective before a notary in 24 hours. You will not regret it, we will be happy to help you. Your satisfaction will be an achievement and one more goal achieved in our extensive experience and professional career.

Animate, call or send a whassap to 601093372 or if you prefer, get in touch by mail or in the following registration form.

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