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Certificate of Habitability - 2nd Occupancy License

Get your Certificate of Habitability in VALENCIA in 24 hours - Express license with CERTASVAL

Visit + certificate issuance + Processing with your town hall.

What is the Certificate of Habitability?

The #certificateofhabitability is a document that certifies that a certain home meets the Habitability standards. It must be drawn up and signed by a competent Technician (Technical Architect or Architect). Consequently, the Technician must inspect the home and verify that it meets the minimum requirements for Habitability.

This document is essential to renew the Certificate of Habitability or Second Occupation License . For this reason, it is sometimes also called a Certificate of Second Occupation or Certificate of Housing Occupation. Its mission is to ensure that the necessary conditions of Habitability are still met to prolong the use of the home.

The Certificate of Habitability is always linked to a Second Occupation procedure

To obtain the Certificate of Habitability for your home in Valencia, the home must have:

  • Living-dining room and bedrooms with natural lighting and ventilation, with minimum dimensions according to their year of construction.

  • Full kitchen with sink that has a smoke extraction area in the cooking area.

  • Bathroom with shower or bathtub, with the plumbing and sanitation facilities working. There must be a heater for domestic hot water and if the heater is gas it must be equipped with a smoke outlet and natural ventilation.

  • Laundry / kitchen area (where it is possible to install a washing machine)

Our technicians have a lot of experience in home inspection with the aim of renewing the Certificate of Habitability. We know the requirements established by the Habitability and Design Regulations based on the age of the home, so the process will be very simple. You do not worry about these technical questions, we will advise you at no additional cost. Consult us without obligation .

To obtain the Certificate of Habitability, the Technician must go to the house to carry out the inspection visit. After verifying that the home meets all the necessary habitability requirements , at the end of the visit you will be given your Certificate. This service includes:

  • Displacement of the Technician for home inspection

  • Delivery of the CERTIFICATE of HABITABILITY at the moment, without waiting

  • NO SURPRISES, VAT included in all our prices

  • NO SURPRISES, same price for all homes, regardless of size

  • Completion of the application form of the Municipality of the Municipality

  • Obtaining the document of payment of the Municipal Taxes of the Municipality of the municipality

  • Make the payment of municipal fees on your behalf

  • Subsequent processing of all documentation at the Town Hall .

  • The process to renew the Certificate of Habitability or Second Occupation License in Valencia is carried out through a Responsible Declaration. This procedure has the advantage of being very fast. In just 24 hours, all procedures can be completed. In Valencia, this procedure is called the Responsible Declaration for the Renewal of the Housing Occupation License.

  • What is the budget for processing the habitability certificate? The prices of habitability certificates are not regulated by any official body, so their cost is part of the free market, that is, it depends on the supply and demand that exists at any given time. The fees that are assigned to it vary in each Autonomous Community, although these range between 10 and 20 euros. In addition, the final administrative document must be endorsed in a professional association, so the price will depend on the one marked by the corresponding school.

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Here I leave you an explanatory video where the entire procedure is explained and what it consists of in a very simple way.

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