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Reports and Expert Opinions in Building


The expert reports of the parties are freely requested by the parties in litigation or not, independently, while the judicial expert opinions are requested by appointment from the Court itself, from a list of Judicial Experts drawn up by the Official College of Surveyors, Architects Valencia Building Technicians and Engineers.

The expert report is a means of proof and is thus regulated by law. It is a very specific means of proof, because the means of proof in essence tend to prove facts, to bring facts to the judicial file, and the expert opinion does not attend so much to contribute facts to the file, but to contribute knowledge to analyze and to assess the facts that are already in the court records.

When a report is made as expert evidence for a judicial proceeding, it is called an Expert Report.

Models of expert reports and classes

The most frequently used documents are:

  • Certificates. This document, which is normally short, is required before innumerable administrative procedures so that a certain organization - administration has proof of a certain and concrete fact, under the responsibility of the signing technician. (The example would be the energy certificate of a house )

  • Technical reports. The action of any technician will consist exclusively of making a detailed and objective technical description of the matter under examination, refraining from commenting or any judgment or drawing any type of conclusion. (The example would be the evaluation reports of the IEE buildings )

  • Opinions. It is usually commissioned by an authority in order to obtain clear criteria to be able to decide on the subject in question. It is therefore a document similar to the Report in which the technician, after observing the elements under study, will proceed to analyze and prosecute them, establishing hypotheses, until obtaining personal technical conclusions.

  • Expertise. The Opinion or Expertise are actually synonymous, although there is a tendency to refer to this document as Expertise when the Opinion report is requested by a judge, in view of a lawsuit.

Types and expert reports in building

Although in the field of construction we can find many casuistry and therefore a wide variety of reports, within the most common we can identify the different types of expert reports in:

  • Expert reports for non-compliance with measures or surfaces.

  • Expert Reports of Communities of Neighbors.

  • Expert reports on the current state of works.

  • Expert reports of constructive pathologies or construction defects.

  • Expert reports for humidity.

  • Expert Reports for contradictory in the Certifications of Work.

  • Expert reports for breach of contract qualities.

  • Expert reports for damages or hidden defects.

  • Appraisal or economic valuation reports.

  • Expert Reports to determine a Fair Price.

  • Expert Reports of Valued Relationship.

  • Expert or Forensic Reports for Accidents caused: floods, structural damage, demolition, accidents, fires, collapses, explosions, foundation settlements, vandalism.

  • Urban Expert Reports: Claims for participation fees in Compensation Boards, expropriations, occupations, cadastral claims.

  • Expert reports for invasion or determination of medians.

  • Expert reports for determining the surfaces of lots, farms, housing tools.

  • Expert reports determining the age of the building.

  • Expert Reports for breaches of urban deadlines.

  • Expert reports to determine the distribution of inheritances, estates, liens, divorces ...

  • Contradictory expert reports against insurers.

  • Technical-Legal Advice.

  • Opinions and Certifications of all Expert Reports.

  • Ratification and defense in trials of all Expert Reports.

  • health and safety and PRL on site.

As (Technical Architect, Building Engineer) I am an expert in the preparation of reports on cracks, fissures, dampness, defects in construction and all kinds of pathologies, being duly registered and accredited for the preparation of judicial expert opinions, through professional associations, incorporating in each document the new, more innovative presentation techniques for a better understanding of judges and lawyers, providing abundant explanatory graphic documentation and 3D images.

The performance of the judicial expert shall conform to the principles of independence, integrity, dignity, objectivity, capacity and preparation, all of them contemplated in the deontological code of the real estate judicial expert.

There are times when we need to have a technical document that supports an existing situation, that describes an examination carried out or that diagnoses an existing pathology in a building or home.

Do not hesitate, contact me if you are interested and I will help you from the beginning to the end so that the problems in your home are less problems or stop being problems through the report / expert opinion that we present in court. You will not regret it, I will be happy to help you. Your satisfaction will be an achievement and one more goal achieved in my extensive professional career. Animate I wait for you Call 601093372.

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